Film at 11:00 (or 23:00…depending upon whom you ask….)

Yumyumcherry and Ken Morita take a break from discussing filming projects in Eastern Europe over Lunch at the Madison Park Cafe (Tokyo Midtown).

with Ken-san at Tokyo Midtown

Mr. Morita took several weeks to research a new wave of cinematic opportunity in what was once the Eastern Bloc. The beauty of filming in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia or Bosnia-Herzegovina is that much of the pre-WWI architecture still remains. The backdrop is legitimate and maintains its authentic European feel while remaining affordable for production. Mr. Morita’s ensemble included a group of 35 Japanese investors.

The Madison Park Cafe is THE place to go for hot dogs in Tokyo.

Hot dog at the Madison Park Cafe Tokyo

…..and what’s NOT to love about a Chili Dog (even if it is 590 Yen) Ouch. Or rather “Arf”

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