Filthy Rich?

Behold, Money Soap. I guess this works for the Big Boys who don’t want to bathe.

Money Soap by Virginia Candle

According to the box each bar is pre-loaded with a bill ranging from $1-$50 (and you just know they are printing a bunch of the fifties, right).

I remember something along these lines when I was a kid–it was called ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap.’
It actually grew fuzz that resembles something in the back of my fridge even as I type, but never mind.
FUZZY WUZZY also had a small prize inside—no cash (and gee, that was back in the day when if you were over four your parents WOULD PROBABLY allow you to go to the store and give buying something a shot all on your lonesome….but never mind, again).

Anyway, unless the bar has something that the company has printed on site with their own “Special” plates, I doubt any FUZZ at all will show up.

Rub dub a dub

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