Fly Free with Southwest

Fly Free with Southwest.

By that I mean Bra-less.

Okay, riddle me this Batman….how is it that the underwire of my Agent Provocateur bra couldn’t make it through the Security Agents at the Southwest Terminal? C’mon. Not that a good female bonding FRISK doesn’t make my day a treat, but there other ways to spend that 45 extra minutes before boarding.

Drinking 40 proof anything, for example….

but, no. Not today. I was herded into a glass booth where another woman had the pleasure of checking out my implants. I mean, at least invite a qualified plastic surgeon to give estimates while the twenty plus of us lined up for the gala.

I know I feel much safer flying with the knowledge that no terrorists wearing support brassieres are flying on board with me today. God, I feel safe

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