Forget Kansas, ‘Toto,’ We’re in Boca Raton

Transistor radios, Microwave Ovens, Colour Printers and Now–Luxury Toilets.
I’ve got to admit, this is a new take on Nouveau Riche. As photographed in Ft. Lauderdale at the Galleria Mall.

Toto Washlet Galleria Mall

Whenever the YYC ensemble raids Tokyo, we do get a rather kindergarten-esque kick out of the cultural PLUMBING a la East-Meets-West we encounter. Nothing quite like the feeling of a prewarmed seat on a cold morning (take that Lexus) –still not sure if the sensation is all that comforting or not.

Equipped with sound options to mask those embarrassing personal moments when the people in the restroom with you might actually think, well, you’re USING the restroom.

Of course, my four year old prefers to press the buttons and see if he can shoot ULTRAMAN with the ballistic water weapon. Good Clean Fun, fun, fun.

Hot Flash! Goodness Gracious, Great Bowls Of Fire!

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