Frankly Franco (overachievers anonymous)

Initially I was not mesmerized by Mr. Franco’s talent.
(as in ‘James…who?’)
As fate would have it–I watched the film, ‘Annapolis,’ (most unfortunately while my son was a midshipman AT Annapolis) and it was a bit more Sci-fi to my reality than anything Roswell, NM could offer…..The film was very surreal. Very.

Act II: I heard about a segment on 30 Rock in which James Franco played himself dating a Japanese Pillow (yeah, you can laugh, but dudes actually take these on “rabu rabu” Love getaways in Japan) (like, really)…

Quote: ‘I’ll loan you a shirt, try to look like you just got drilled, you know the deal’
….such a romantic (really shows through the lines). Be still my heart (obviously, James is my kind of guy).

Act III: Saw Mr. Franco on SNL’s digital short: Tizzle Wizzle (Jammy Shuffle) and Fell in Love.
and I mean, yeah—I’d like to peel off his Dr. Denton’s.

Act IV: Learned that not only is “Jim” (decided to get friendlier here) working on his PHD at Yale and teaching at Columbia, but he’s doing a soap opera and writing books.

I wonder if the dude ever sleeps. If so HOW….WHEN?????

Reportedly, James recently broke up with his girlfriend of many years as he ‘took on’ YET ANOTHER project and well, he didn’t have much time to spare.

Gucci, me and the camera REALLY like him a lot.

So that said…I want to Marry him.
Or at least write a sonnet.
(maybe haiku….?)

He’s smart.
He’s busy
He’s funny
and…he’s an Aries.
(He’s also a Horse in Chinese astrology, but I really don’t see myself wanting to clean out his hooves or put a saddle on him.)

(BUT at least let me bid on a date with him on eBay–Eric Gazin surely has an auction tailored to this quest that will benefit SOMEONE)

okay, on a different note:
Our most sincere YYC condolences to Mr. Franco and his family on the loss of his father last week.

Actually, our admiration for Mr. Franco is not just for being another pretty face.
He is kinda cute.
In that ‘reading the Iliad’ sort of way.

Looking forward to President Franco.

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