From Unconscious to Fashion Conscious

I can’t believe that they CLOSED the Chanel at the Willard. (Maybe it’s an exhibit at the Smithsonian now…who knows) Anyway, if you want that CC thrill you’ll have to scoot to Tyson’s Neiman Marcus (Ask for Holly Peck–she seems to grasp the collection) or Saks Chevy Chase (ask for Lisa, really delightful). I was doin’ that R & R thing buying cosmetics (which I, of course, can’t wear at the moment) and lingerie (which I can wear, but look quite scary in…). I think everyone is between Seasons at the moment as there was not much to offer of interest.

Louis Vuitton has done another line with Japanese artist Murakami (I’m just dying to see the company collaborate with Yoko Ono….wouldn’t that be ‘special’) doing a range with animated cherries. Okay. Well, of course, I bought the pochette and the Speedy because they let me. Only later did my nanny point out (over my dinner of steaming oats) that Vuitton suggested that you keep the bag out of sunlight because the cherries will fade off. Nice touch. Read the fine print, kids. Not, that THEY Claim–this would diminish the VALUE of the lovely bag. You can still drive your Chevy with no license plate, too, but it won’t get you very far. So, when I’m in a particularly masochistic mood, I’ll post a few pictures of me as the work in progress. For the moment, I’m just telling people that my husband has beaten me. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for reading.

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