Fushi Energy Herbal Tincture

Fushi herbal energy tincture Fushi Energy tincture ingredients

Purportedly, this Fushi line of everything from energy drinks to libido boosters is quite the rage from Harvey Nichols. Okay, I did think it could be interesting to add the male aphrodisiac spritz into my husband’s tea (or if I was sitting next to Brad Pitt at a dinner party….), but actually, that could be the kind of ‘interesting’ that starts major global conflicts, so, on second thought, I bought the energy tincture bottle. On third thought, I figured, that might not be such a great idea either so I’ve watched it sit in my cupboard for about three months… This could be the start of the first annual yumyumcherry ‘Guinea-Pig-A-Thon’. Let us know.

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