Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

Herman the Sea Urchin

Reality defying spikes (OUCH)……So you want your lashes to be L-O-N-G and defined? Ah, Givenchy (or my sea urchin (aka “Herman”) may have the answer: Phenomen’Eyes Mascara:

Givenchy Phenomeneyes Mascara brush SephoraSephora catalog

Go for it…hope you groove to AQUATROL (brand-u_ Spirulina 20 flakes: (aka—Spirulina, ground whole wheat, whole fish meal, defatted soy meal, weat flour, torula dried east, vital wheat gluten, fish oil, biophos, soy oil, lecithin…..AND NATURAL COLOURS) WHEEEEEEEE.

I promise fantastic spikes of separated ‘lashes’. Truly Marvelous. However, you may notice you have a strange desire to suck gravel. Forget it—not important.

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