Glitter Gel Nails

Glitter Gel Nails. Whee.
Doesn’t everyone need twinkling tootsies?
Just a thought.

Jamey applying pink glitte - not buffed or coated yet!

I get mine with Jamey Mason of “So Fabulous” 727.639.9536 (AND SHE IS).

First stage of fluorescent yellow being applied by Jamey

Admittedly, the wild yellow green got a bit tiresome (and a bit closer to Halloween-ish than I’d have preferred) over the two month Japan siege, but the Barbie Pink may be here to stay. So, Kawaii desu ne.

Young Nails glitter powder for gel nails

That said, I thought the jelly bean effect (each toe a different colour) could have been interesting…..okay, maybe that verges on toe sock territory. Have to give that up at twelve.

Anyway—I can attest that these laser coatings last –AT LEAST eight weeks (and with the fluorescent green I was trying to file it off with anything I could get my hands on as it did not budge against the polish remover). The thought of chiseling did cross my mind.

Ah, my testimonial. Shine on girlfriends.

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