Gold Peak Tea…


Diet Gold Peak Tea

Pannin’ for Gold. Wowsa. (is that Wowza?) Not sure…..
Well, I stumbled upon this 24K beverage (Diet is my Game) and for $1.49….I think it beats the pants off Snapple. I mean, HEY….THIS STUFF IS GOOD (and I drink single malt). I should read the label…..when my vision improves (or I put my glasses on) I will. In the meantime, try it.

I’ve heard that the Unsweetened is excellent….(NOT that I trust those Heathens) but….the stuff I’ve been chugging chases the edge of Florida’s ‘would be’ Spring weather (read that SUMMER in almost any other part of the world *****)

*****Subsahara Africa and parts of the Middle East Need NOT apply. See rules for contestant availability……*******

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