Good Vibrations

See the brown vibrato in Hermes' Madison Ave current window display?

Hermes Vibrato–Encore–as pictured on the Madison Avenue, New York Boutique. We love the deep brown leather with the famous Hermes Orange (their signature colour) accents–Redone this year—do see picture from Tokyo ’04:

crossing over to Kiddyland in Omotesando, Tokyo with a brown vibrato

Vibrato is an expensive and rather artistic take on leatherwork. Sculpted from ribbons of leather and cut in wafer thin slices to assemble the bags with a harmonious solid hue. Featured on a Birkin (in the window AND identically as carried in Japan)–we love the versatility of the bags. Initially, it didn’t strike us as particularly usable, but it amazingly adapts to most solids in the colour families of the “solid” base. It was also featured in store fashioned into a 31cm Bolide with Hunter Green leather strap, handles and upper (torso???…) Worth a second look. Retail is $7600 and counting. Hope Santa is watching.

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