Gotaro Tsunashima  綱島 郷太郎

Gotaro TsunashimaPhoto: UCLA Asia Institute

Next on the V-day ‘Wrap him up and send him to me covered in chocolate List is actor Gotaro Tsunashima. Gotaro sports an extensive theatre resume (and a body that could carve through sashimi faster than I could say: “Kudasai.”

Toni Collette and Gotaro Tsunashima in a still from Japanese Story

His talents were featured in the Australian production, ‘Japanese Story.’ His character proves to have some interesting twists and the movie was truly one of the more riveting I’ve seen in ages.I never thought I’d wish I was Toni Collette. Although she is a fantastic Actress (congrats on your new baby girl….)

Still, I have spent several flights dreamily looking at the first part of the movie (can’t watch it past the dive in the pond scene). Ummmmmm. GO-go-go-TARO!

All that acting aside, I just want to watch him sit on a towel and catch some rays. You know, sometimes Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

Gotaro Tsunashima. Of course, I think of him as: スィートハートへ
Let’s have breakfast:

Let's have breakfast

Happy Valentines’ Day, Gotaro-chan…..see you on ‘White Day……’

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