Goyard vs Vuitton

Goyard is waterproofed with acacia sap

Of course, no truly fashionable creature would dare not own a piece of Goyard to call her own. Louis Vuitton must be acutely aware of their presence in the competitive market. Not only does Goyard pre date them in the art of luggage mastery and leather tooling–the French Way, it also appeals to the jet set with a touch more exclusivity than the mass marketed LV fare. Case and point — do check out Goyard’s long standing use of stripes as part of the design feature of their bags–then compare that to the newest offering from Vuitton donning the same stripes with the addition of their caricature of a bellhop. Hummmmmmmm. Well, they say it IS the sincerest form of flattery.

Goyard is available at Barney’s, New York (and you can check their website for a very comprehensive guide to styles and colours currently fabricated). Bergdorf Goodman even went to the extent of remodeling their ground floor to feature a lobby of Goyard (212.753.7300), but of course–you really should go to the SOURCE. We had the pleasure of ordering our signature Goyard St. Louis Tote (soon to be featured….six weeks, Baby) and worked with Eli in San Francisco at their Free Standing Boutique — 415 398 1110

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