Greetings from the Triad–or else

For me the reward for wading through that first six plates of MSG (brought to you courtesy of General Tso and his chicken) is that slip of Confucian wisdom wedged into an inedible cookie at the end of the meal (for at least an hour…as they say)……

Of course, I love the routinely suggested lottery numbers. Obviously winners—look at the dude who delivered the greasy white cartons to your doorstep—surely, he plays, too….and well, who can argue about learning a few suggested words in Chinese?—it’s inevitable that we will all need to speak it fluently sooner rather than later the way things are going…….but, even more than those perks—I always await my ‘fortune’ as suggested at random by my dessert (why not?).

Now, while I didn’t dare to hope of a prophetic ‘meeting with a tall, dark, handsome stranger’–my latest ‘fortunes’ were a little edgier: I mean is La Choy having a turf war with Chun King or something?

Be cautious

…..and, not for nothing, you might want to ‘zip it’ and keep a low profile for the next few weeks.

Keep Mouth Shut

——–Or else that ‘ni hao ma’ might not apply to you ……..If you know what we mean……..

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