Happy, Hoppy Easter

Time for all pastel, sugar, and spice? Peeps (a food group all their own on that Sacred pyramid of human nutrition) and dyed eggs galore. After 46 years of colouring these little suckers, you’d think I’d have won a plaque or placed second in some Paas competition, but, Alas–I’ll give it this year’s shot as the Susan Lucci of the Easter Parade.

a spring bouquet fromTokyo

Times past once heralded this holiday the true beginning of Spring and the wearing of whites–pick out your easter bonnet baby. Add a pair of white patent shoes and delightful spring print dress–voila (and perfect canvas for smearing chocolate upon)–of course, now, I’m happy if I can get my four year old in socks and clean shorts. The bar has, ahem, lowered. Party til your pez fall out.

Belated Peasach (spelling?) wishes and Happy, Hoppy Easter. (THOSE BLACK JELLY BEANS ARE MINE)

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