Happy New Year 2006

First of all, we’d like to thank you all (or should I say, you both) for noticing our absence on the internet over the past couple months. Not as much as the entire STARWOOD chain of hotels and resorts would like to thank us, but sincerely nonetheless. In fact, we may even be on the verge of unpacking. That’s frightening for me since we have now learned to make origami swans out of our dirty knickers–a month in Tokyo will do that to you (at the very least–domo arigato).

Okay, seriously, it has been a while. In the duration of the past six months, we’ve had numerous trunk shows (Okay, suitcase shows) in Tokyo, Edinburgh (hey, don’t laugh–they have a great ESPA spa there….) London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver (they need fashion, too….), blah,. blah, blah–but have virtually disappeared from the internet. Hopefully we will change that with listings on ebay again as yumyumcherry very shortly. In the meantime, in order to find room to hang some of the overflow–and before my husband takes inventory of exactly why I am returning with three times what I’ve left with–I am featuring a few of the treats (yummies, should we say) that are available for immediate consumption.

Happy New Year, 2006 YYC

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