Happy New Year!

So…..now that we’ve all had enough chestnuts roasting on open fires and thawing snow to build ‘Parson Brown…..’ I guess it’s time to ring in the New Year. 2009……Wheeeeee (OMG) Whooppeee. Well, that was indeed exciting.

What’s a girl to do?

#1) set some new resolutions (AKA ‘Dump Him’)

#2) don’t just wear the gym clothes…get to the gym. Minimum 10 minutes (don’t tell). Better at 25. (Minutes…I mean, well, the year thing is self evident)

#3) designate a driver (and promptly dump him in the lounge)


My plans for ringing in ’09 include—a DVD (Zoolander…for the 133rd time), Orville Redenbacher popcorn, One condom (Great Expectations), Good Friend….and two Prozac 10 mg capsules.

It’s gonna be good.

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