Harris’ Steakhouse

You know what it’s like when you pay a large tab to celebrate something, but the food is delicious so it makes it even more memorable?

I wish I did.

Van Ness/Pacific in San Francisco (a ‘food’-ie’s paradise as a rule) is host to one of the worst (and expensive) culinary mistakes I’ve
made in a while. ICK. (How’s that for an ‘ad’) Double ICK.

When my son, Christopher, went to kick off his freshman year at Stanford, the Ritz Carlton suggested the steak house. We all went to make sure that Chris at least had one meal NOT consisting of cheese whiz and beef jerky to embark on his first year in California.

The meal was consistent and excellent overall. We aren’t gourmets, but the service was attentive and the food was edible.

Therefore, we decided to mark the end of his undergraduate years at Stanford by a post Graduation meal at the same restaurant. TRIPLE ICK.

While I’m not a critic for Zagat….my guests and I found the food to be mediocre (Filet Mignon, Harry’s Steak (basically a New York Strip) and Prime Rib of Beef) across the board. It was not prepared to request (i.e. Medium Rare had no pink…).

The chef–and I’m using this term very loosely in this case–had a preoccupation with rosemary. It was in the onion soup, garnishing the steaks, in the scalloped potatoes…and not just ‘a little’.

I dig ‘Scarborough Fair, too’…..so, Dude, where’s the parsley, sage and thyme? When we mentioned it to our ‘server,’ she made some comment to the effect that other patrons had mentioned it, but they couldn’t stop him from using it. Well, Why Not. Can’t someone hide it? When you place an order at Harris’ DO YOU HAVE to request it sans rosemary in advance…sort of like ordering OFF MENU? Call in an hour in advance so they can give him a dose of lithium?

I returned my soup, had to beg for utensils, received luke warm creamed spinach, no plates for bread (which was stale enough to be used as a doorstop).

Harris….San Francisco. Memorable? Yes, Truly, as one of the worst meals that I’ve NOT eaten in a long time.

Outside Harris' Steakhouse

Next time you’re in SanFran, go to Jack in The Box. The meal will be better and you’ll save $200.

Bon Appetit!

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