Heart of the Kingdom

The Heart of the Kingdom ruby as featured in Garrard's current catalog

While in London in September, Yumyumcherry had the honour and privilege of viewing this amazing ruby at Garrard, London’s Albemarle Boutique. Matthew Porter, Sage director, was kind enough to unvault this amazing treasure and share some of the history of Burmese Rubies as well as the history of this particular stone.

Rare, it was unbroken and remained in private possession (gems discovered of this weight were by rights given to the King). This 40 carat stone retails at over £7 million. It was hand set in a fully set diamond choker with only the choicest gems.

Truly a marvel–in this case, we refer to both Mr. Porter (our many thanks for the gumball opportunity and Che Guevera) for his wit and wisdom and the heart shaped ruby which is truly ranking with Her Majesty’s jewelers several streets over in the Tower.

Note to self: Marry Sultan, email Garrard.

yumyum's copy of Garrard's current catalog

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