Hell Hath No Fury…

Amorous peacock (from bbc.co.uk)photo: BBC.co.uk

Of course, the female is more of a taupe/mouse colour, but God knows Male Vanity is a rule onto itself…Apparently, this bird grooves to a Lexus beat.

In Somerset (England) a cupid-struck peacock became enamoured with the metallic finish of a vehicle that he attempted to make his mate. Damn, wish I could buy that eyeshadow.

This is probably a good analogy for Venus in Scorpio. And, if you think the damage was bad–wait ’til you see how thrilled your insurance company will be to see the hockey stick in your china cabinet. Woe to you fellas if your rather Scorpionic mate thinks you have been drooling over the Victoria’s Secret catalogue too darned long.

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