Hermes hue for Spring 07 – rose dragee

The rose dragee massai Interchangeable strap

Hermes’ hue for Spring ’07 (aka ‘I’ stamp issue) delicate pale rose dragee–probably sugary enough to warrant insulin therapy, this softer than angelic pastel is perfect for all those muted Stella McCartney tones that make me look four days dead (call the coroner, I bought the Massai at Isetan). It is equally lovely with some of the sunwashed pastels that Prada and Tomas Maier (Bottega Veneta) have spun for their ’07 Spring ready to wear lines.

Veau Swift, this ever so slight leather, is somewhat more durable than box calf, but still not my first choice for daily wear. Naturally, if you are the white linen type that routinely dons canvas espadrilles to spaghetti dinners, you may have a dry cleaning/leather restoration tip that I do not possess (DO TELL). And yes, Julianne, The Tide Stick does indeed seem to work as well as the SHOUT packs.

the Massai with a yellow Argent Vif print scarf

Spied in a lovely Birkin that may have been a mirage based on the scant three seconds I saw it before it was promptly tucked back into its pretty orange box and rung up. Also a Kelly, probably more available than its Birkin cousin, and various expensive small leather goods.

Hermes rose dragee in store - photo sent in by Robin

I love the Massai because it offers the dual strap option (assuming I don’t lose the spare), but the quirkly style is less structured and works well with all those Belgian designers whose names we dare not pronounce (let alone spell). Great with Rick Owens, too. Check it out.

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