Hermès Soies Volantes

Soies Volantes: Flying Silk….or at least the Hermès ‘take’ on Chinese kites.

Hermes quilted jacket

This is probably my favourite printed jacket–at least thanks to the colour story–a sugared pink with brilliant kites throughout the silk print.

In this case, the pre-Margiela team (see OLD label vs. NEW Label vs. Margiela label–and yes, it is better to know what you’re buying—this is one of the signs for apparel) kept the structure to a minimum, but the chinoiserie does read through the styling, and the quilting throughout lends it’s own flavour atop the print design.

Turtle kite from the Friendship Store atop of Hermes Soies Volantes

Of course, none of this is complete without the requisite turtle kite from the Friendship Store. Talk about accessorizing……….Xie Xie

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