How Bored exactly IS Jen Hubley, the About Today Editor?

It sure seems like a lull at the ‘ole mail station if Ms. Hubley has time to toast writing about the many wonders of Stale Bread.

Yeah, okay, we all have it. But I haven’t gotten down to contemplating it for matter of prose.

Hey, how ’bout:

Stale Bread sitting on a plate
I shall contemplate its fate.

Stuff a bird with cubes I dice?
Toss it into Spanish Rice?
Okay I guess if times get rough–
but no one wants to eat this stuff.

If I toss in the can
will it strain the garbage man?

Each day turning greener still
Make a pro-biotic pill.

Lots of use-Stale Bread, you see–
Glad I’m paid by salary!

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