How Opaque is my Valley?

Iris? Not as in the colour….more like surrounding your retina.

Okay. Forget Ophthalmology — welcome to Don Quixote.

In search of something–it’s probably on floors one to five…..

Lenses? Wanna make those brown eyes blue? Well Lady Dulcinea,….they are probably on the first floor.

Interesting selections of hues to brown down and turn more western in a pastel sense.

Yu-Ka color Contact lens and AngelColor

The scores of stock are Sized to Asian eyes (and yes, there is a difference) and the selection is vast.

Now, how accurately you can see anything after insertion remains to be seen. But who cares?

Of course, with the current trends in Tokyo, your eyelashes alone may prohibit any vision. It’s kind of like wearing venetian blinds.


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