If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper?

If you want to capture someone’s attention……whisper?
(Frankly, I think bullhorns work pretty well…..)

So, we have the ‘Horse Whisperer‘– an acclaimed book by Nicolas Evans and a follow up film release in 1998 both directed and starred in by Robert Redford.

Next–we have the dog whisperer…..Cesar Millan. Mr. Millan is a Mexican born American who taught himself the art of communicating effectively with dogs—inspiring a wide fan base of clients as well as viewers of his reality series: ‘The Dog Whisperer.’

……And now,
Okay, I don’t text and drive. Sometimes I zone out at the red light and think—“gee, I wonder if I would really have to work out for two hours if I drank a Medium Wendy’s Frosty” (which, of course, I did—-drink it, not exercise…..sigh).
and Voila.

plumbing truck in traffic

I had to search the contents of my LV Noe for my camera to freeze this moment of advertising—- (and girlfriends, you know how much junk you can pack in that drawstring tote…..)

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

plumbing truck slogan

Somehow I don’t see Bob Redford directing any of the bathroom scenes for Sundance.
My guess is that Cesar is pretty busy, too.

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