INDY 500??

Gucci black suede mini skirt is a match for the Indy

‘HOT LEGS–I love you, Honey……’
This should get you humming Rod Stewart. And, there’s nothing he appreciates more than a blond in a black suede mini skirt (and, you know, I respect that about him.)

Gucci black suede Indy bag

Gucci’s Indy bag (from last season) that is carried forth as a new staple for their line. My God, it’s even being sold in Tampa (now you know it’s mainstream, America, anyway.) This version features the black suede body-also done in a mosaic and more couture version for you connoisseurs–with vermilion and mauve patent accents. Let’s not forget the bamboo logo tassels and a handle that looks like it was pried off a ’67 Mustang.

Toss that in the mix with the black MINI skirt featuring the same embellishments and well, HOT DAMN (and Hot Legs) you have an Ensemble.

Bamboo tassels on the Gucci Indy bag

Wonder if the PTA of Tampa is quite ready for this……

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