IT’S HERE………..Chanel Fall 2010

Nieman's Chanel Trunk Show Flyer

Neiman Marcus’ flyer advertising what could be considered a cross between Madame Butterfly and a problem with your Zenith T.V. (Hey, do they still make those???) Sort of that rolling horizontal line problem that existed back when……oh, nevermind.

Interestingly, Karl designed a coatdress (and FOR SEPARATE PURCHASE–silk print sundress) featured for 2001C that this look harkens back to…..of course, the ’01C version was sold sans pailletes and was about $2800. And this is a suit. And it is three and a half times the retail price. (…and, yeah, I bought it).

As for the ’01C ensemble–as it was shown on the runway–I found that the only Successful way to wear that coat was with THAT dress. “It” being a white elongated silk featuring a black logo abstract floral design spattered in no particular order. I state that because having seen a few of same, the random placement of the black splotches became—ahem—pretty evident. (In other words–no small printed pattern here girlfriends and well, all seemed to highlight one clearly accentuated breast and one solid) I’m sure there is some florid term for the print, but we’ll just call it ‘a la Holstein.’

Holstein cowPhoto: Ranch Hand Karl

The point? Well, while this runway (act 2) CC suit is definitely a statement, it is also limiting. This jacket absolutely WILL NOT (sparkly fabric or no sparkly fabric) work with anything other than the skirt for which it was designed.

EXCEPT PERHAPS THE HOLSTEIN DRESS. (and, no—I parted with that little bomb a long, long time ago)

Chanel Fall 2010 Trunk Show

As for the featured bag–a modified Chanel jumbo classic style with silverTONE chain, cc turnlock closure and leather strap — embellished with crystals in a ‘this is your brain on drugs’ Paisley design —

Chanel 10A Classic Bag with crystals

I’m sure that:

a) it is at least $4-7K
b) a better bet than the suit for the outlay
c) will be copied very badly in Chinatown
d) I’ll be shot by my husband if I buy it.

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