Remioromen レミオロメン was formed in December 2000 with their current line up as a trio. …..and, of course, the drummer is hot enough even to endure that perfunctory drum solo in concert…..but my current buzz is Ryo-chan (be still my heart).

Okay girlfriends–the line up (and line forms to the left) is:

* Ryota Fujimaki (藤巻亮太 Fujimaki Ryōta), born January 12, 1980. Vocalist and plays guitar.

* Keisuke Maeda (前田啓介 Maeda Keisuke), born September 11, 1979. Plays bass guitar.

* Osamu Jinguuji (神宮司治 Jingūji Osamu), born March 5, 1980. Plays drums.

In 2005 the Japanese drama Ichi Rittoru no Namida (1 Litre Of Tears) used Konayuki as a theme song. Konayuki became one of the best selling singles of 2005. Well, Ryo-chan does seem passionate about the subject……

Fujimaki Ryoto’s (aka Ryo-Chan….aka Baby Chan….aka….well, nevermind) vocal range is similar to that of Rob Thomas’ (Matchbox 20). While limited, the quality in octave is strong, clean–‘Wonderful and Beautiful‘–to listen to….Really a treat. It’s a clear tone that kinda haunts you enough to seek that trill again. Better buy the CD.

Their current single releases for 2008 are:

* Motto tooku e もっと遠くへ (30 July 2008)
* Tsubasa (4 October 2008)

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