Japan Power of Harmony

Okay, admittedly, I am a gaijin (surprise)—-but, hey, they are broadcasting this promotion in the USA.

Japan, The Power of Harmony

This tagline may be a bit of a mental leap for your average American tourist or businessman.
(Couldn’t we throw in a little sex, drugs or rock n roll?…even anime and sushi?)

After 2011’s apocalyptic events (March 11) and as we approach the anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters that the modern world has seen in terms of the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami–couldn’t they have infused the campaign with just a little more verve?

How about: “Overcoming adversity/working together to rebuild internationally”? I think that most people buy into the group effort heave-ho, working shoulder to shoulder….but, no.

Ostensibly, I mean, this is a tourist campaign.

And who can forget ex-PM Junichiro Koizumi’s compelling pitch of 2004 (not that anyone has had such great hair or political stamina since the ex-PM retired in ’05) ‘Yokoso.’

In fact, this recent scheme makes Mr. Abe’s ‘Beautiful Japan’ promo seem controversial.

Perhaps the brilliant PR minds involved should do a bit more ‘test group market strategy’… oh well.

True, the sentiment is genuine. (Gotta love that yin/yang thing).

But with daily international reports of leaking cesium and ongoing nuclear waste reports–is the ‘Harmony’ Push really the tourism revenue booster that the country needs to revitalize their incentive to lure visitors and investment?

I think they need Ken Watanabe–but don’t we all. Gotta love that ‘wa’ effect.

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