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Jemma Kidd. Finally had the chance to experience her line at Neiman Marcus, San Francisco. Too bad no one who worked there had ever thought to do so….Alas the staff did try mightily to sway me to the Lancome/Sisley/Whatever counters. Jemma, you need a rep. Having said that, if they could make me look as lovely as the Divine Ms. Kidd, I’d line up for hours–or is it ‘queue’? She’s delicious, and I’m straight–accordingly, Jemma, bless me with those English rosey blushes and lovely lashes…..sigh.

Okay, well, based on what I spied as offered, the lash lengthener/mascara duo (you need both, so naturally, one product WILL be sold out) looks promising. I also bought a very wearable eyeshadow kit that luckily was not confiscated by Airport Security—I mean, are these guys all drag queens now or are they just opening a black market Sephora in the parking garage?

Back to the business of “Jemma’s” Make up School. Nice idea to teach the importance of the brow groom. She’s included a white pencil liner to detail what must go and what must stay–along with tweezers and a brush. It is all pretty self explanatory, but the packaging does need a boost. Dig the glossy pink and black, but instructions would be nice as would someone that could actually seem to apply the stuff rather than standing afore it even more confused than I. Bad sign, but nice stuff–try it—sparingly.

Jemma Kidd makeup from NM SF

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