Jolee’s Boutique

These paper widget details are getting interesting.

I love some of the concepts this company offers (although in its pursuit to hallmark certain dates a few of their ‘events’ embellishments are borderline tasteless — check out the “Congratulations ‘you’re pregnant’ series”). One could argue that the stickers themselves are fine, it’s who buys them and how they are used.

Still, in the spirit of fun…..our current faves (of course) include:

Jolee's Boutique dimensional paper stickers Florida

Jolee's Boutique travels to Japan

And, who can resist “Girls’ Night” with the pink PJs, video and adorable popcorn replica:

Jolee's Boutique Girls' Night IN

Now all I need is the paper limousines to arrive with the Jolee’s rendition of Chippendales dancers.

Wow, no wonder scrapbooking is such a craze. (Remember to get the “Night in Jail” series, you’ll want to devote a few pages to your first bust.)

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