Jones Soda Co. carbonated candy

Jones Soda Co. Carbonated Candy - Fufu Berry

What Manly Mints THESE: Jones Soda Co. ‘Carbonated Candy’
Remember Zotz? (Circa 1972?) No, neither do I.

Remember Pop Rocks (Circa 1987?) No, neither do I.

Okay, well, forget Memory Lane. This wonderful invention–‘Exploding Candy’ (Ah, Willy Wonka, where are you when we need you?) offers minutes of sucking candy fun (and hours of subsequent dental excavation).

Fu-Fu Berry–(you guys CAN opt for Green Apple if this causes you to question your own identity). Marginal at best. The Jones Soda Company also sports an ENERGY variety. Next time, I’m just affixing my nose bag and adding some Domino Granulated…..

Ask your…ahem-OLDER SISTER-about the Zotz and Pop Rocks.


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