Junk in the Trunk?

Stumbling through CHANEL Pre-Fall, as it does appear Karl himself did……

We happened to hit a rack of Chanel’s pre Fall ’07A fare at Saks Boca Raton, Florida. Much of it featured the to-the-elbow sleeves with mesh like sheer to the wrist underpinning. All rather contrived and appearing unusual, but not in a good way. Sort of like he started down a path and took a strange turn:

Chanel 07a Jacket with sheer navy elbow to wrist sleeve

The best of these was a $10K taupe number with jewelled–FAUX, of course (what, you were expecting the real deal for only $10,000?) buttons and shot with iridescent threading. Hard not to order as Dante salvaged it from their repairs pile–apparently the model shot her hand through the sheer netting part of the sleeve–which does make me wonder how well it would fare in my wardrobe as Real Time Wear…..

Chanel 07a black jersey long jacket Chanel 07a black jersey jacket - back

We liked the rather heavy knit jersey elongated jacket reminiscent of the one Karl produced for Spring–sort of the sleeper of the collection of ’07P with quilted white button logo detailing. The sleeves are more in proportion in this case, but not inset, which means your shoulders need to conform or you’re out of luck (or $4500 as the case may be).

Chanel 07a tweed coat Chanel 07a tweed coat with self-belt - back

We saw a variety of retro looks that were a bit too maternity for my taste, but could be adorable for those readers who manage Marni–although I don’t think that is Chanel’s general client base.

Chanel 07a Fantasy Tweed jacket

My favourite pieces were a fantasy tweed jacket that was strikingly similar to a weave he fabricated in ’93A (hey, what’s 14 years between friends with fans) and a glorious royal blue wool crepe with bow detailing. The colour pops and after seeing the $10K debacle, this was the YYC pick of the litter (ahem, no pun intended) AND it runs true to size.
Chanel 07a Royal Blue Jacket with bow detailing

Wild Blue Yonder specs:

Ring it up, Dante

Chanel 07a plaid jacket with self-belt wool and cashmere mix

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