Just Say NO!! (NO!!) to No!No!

Okay, so I thought….$150 vs. $499 (NOT $500—what a relief–Thank you Madison Avenue)…….I mean, how HAIRY am I really? (and, that’s a rhetorical question). I figured the $350 could be spent on something frivolous (like food or electricity).

No! No! hair removal system

Frankly—I was wrong. In my opinion, you would have better luck just rubbing the box under your arm than experiencing the benefits of No!No!’s hair removal. They like to say that it takes time. So before your next trip to Mustique… allot a good five years to spiff up your bikini line.

Conversely, the Silk’n SensEpil does deliver.

It is convenient, discreet, and usable. Most of all, IT WORKS.

I’ve decided that I can eat fish sticks by candlelight secure in the knowledge that I am indeed silky smooth. Amen

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