Karaoke at the Big Echo

Entrance to the Big Echo Karaoke Entertainment Roppongi

In my mind, Karaoke is one part Tom Cruise=Risky Business+Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock N Roll’ and one part sophomore U. S. History class air guitar (Thank you Peter Frampton ‘wanna-bes’ wherever you are)….YYC and crew were treated to a round of the BIG ECHO with client, Nakata-san and son Jaden.

A Karaoke session with tambourine and edame

We had had a brief stint with friend, Haseyama-san, during our last visit to Tokyo, but we now attest to be converts to the world of Lip Sync. Okay, we did (unlike Ashley Simpson) do our own tunes, but would have happily bowed out had opportunity presented itself.

Big Echo Floor Guide Roppongi

For the record….(no pun intended) there is a screen with a scrolling print out lyric underneath to facilitate your rendition.

We were slightly disturbed that the same fool seemed to be in several different scenes as backdrop (He needs to get his life together). Our first Karaoke seemed to be a more ingenious and independent franchise–whereas, the ‘Big Echo’ Roppongi, Tokyo is much more of a McDonald’s operation.

Still, if you find yourself ‘Lost in Translation’ it is worth a Coppola moment to belt out a tune in an arena other than the bucket seat of your Miata.

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