Karl’s Best LeSage this Season – 07C

Holy Exploding CC’s Batman, Karl’s Best LeSage this Season — 07C

Chanel's graffiti jacket 07c paillette detailing on the 07c graffiti jacket

Seriously, Drop Dead gorgeous on–intended to be worn as a “shrunken” jacket (tricky sizing, you really can’t let out this baby, but if you buy it too large even with the exaggerated graphics it looks matronly). Price of Admission: $7900 and tax. Chanel also did a dress in the same detailed print to wear under this, but too much and you’ll look like a bit more like you were ambushed by a “yoot” (as Joe Pesci would say) with a spray can:

07c graffiti dress(click to enlarge)

The jacket will also be fabricated in a black with royal version that we are waiting for anxiously. I think at $8K a clip, you gotta choose here.

Anyway, to date this is one of the nicer confections Karl has spun. I hate it when he’s right.

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