Karl’s Lesage Cruise

Karl’s Lesage Cruise. Thank God, no Tom.

with Cruise at Tussaud's London

Picked up the “Essential” jacket–featured in the most delicate aqua. If you are attempting to order this baby by phone in ANY material/colour–you HAVE to specify P29904. The Aqua version as shown is Material code: M3041.

Chanel 07c aqua jacket P29904 M3041(click to enlarge)

07c aqua jacket cuff

Now, girlfriends, Neiman’s and Sak’s–Bless their overly inventoried Buy, have relatively clueless staff. Exceptions to the rule are Tiffany Egge at Saks Atlanta: 404.261.2354 and Reggie Rubin-Merrick Park, Florida 786.999.1000 or Ciina (the LARGEST writer of CC orders in the NM System–Kudos, Ciina) in SF. Neiman Marcus: 877.634.6264. That means they can’t read their buy book or in most cases LABELS on the inventory to save their souls. Be Smart.

The aqua ESSENTIAL racked in at $3880.00

YYC grooves to the ecru/pink tweed, more or less the same as most of Karl’s generic tweeds (although to our eyes most similar to those fabricated in ’04P) with fringe. Take a peek at the up close and personal photo of M4873:

07c drindl skirt in M4873

The SUIT is not essential, only the JACKET–P29904. Of the “Hard” pieces, this will be the most promoted profile for Cruise 07.

The belted rose is prettier in the P30010 variety–and there is the option of selecting an alternate skirt–more of a traditional straight variety–purchased separately–of course.

Neutral colours, but as done in the belted jacket P30010 versus the ESSENTIAL P29904, the read is more colourful with the violet and rose style lines accented:

07c jacket style P30010 in ecru/tweed M4873(click to enlarge)

07c P30010 jacket detail

Still, is it worth the $6K price of admission? Not with the Drindl skirt.

Yumyum is lusting after the $7800 PLUS lesage jacket in the white with Fluorescent Logo Graffiti print (where’s Stephen Sprouse when you need him????). It has been crafted into a reverse colour print in black and royal as well. Should you Chic readers amongst us opt for the more fashion forward look inclusive of the matching dress, brace yourselves for the $15K enchilada. That’s a lot of tortilla……?

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