Kate Moss for TopShop

No Moss growing fast, just her line for TopShop.

Brit Staple Kate seems to have not only salvaged her career after a few drug related boo boos, but rather racheted into a new stratosphere. Mr. Doherty (aka Pete of rehab fame) or not, the line of fashion promoted/produced by Ms. Moss will debut at Brit highstreet retailer TOPSHOP by May 1. This is a parallel to Libertine signing with Target to do a special edition of their must wears, or that first MUST HAVE collection still in demand by Stella McCartney for H&M.

Ms. Moss will appear on the cover of Vogue UK–released for the April edition today. She will be donning one of the 80 pieces designed for her signature premiere offering. Not too shabby for a £3 Million Sterling deal. Guess Pete can count on some legal representation in his future court dates.

May we all look as chic in these designs. Cheers.

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