Knitted Bits or is it Knit Wits?

Chanel 08C navy cashmere sweater dress

Okay, we tried on this ’08C navy ‘dress’….sort of ‘Ode’ to prep school meets shore leave. The oversized label front and centre is definitely a turn on for the Loco Logo crowd.

Front and center label on the 08C Chanel Sweater dress

The knit itself, which we saw as pretty poorly made overall, was unraveling as we watched–and hey, Karl may look at $1545 as his Arugula budget for the month, but YYC thought it was steep for a calibre of quality (or lack of) that we spied. Now that we’ve rained on his catwalk (as if….) the good news is that it is stylish and the size range seems to offer a bit of latitude. It is short for a ‘dress’ and kinda long for a ‘tunic’ but you can work out the finer points as you knit it back into shape. Go one size down since it looks like it grows an inch a day if hung. It features trendy loose ties at the back that could most likely float through the air as you play on the swingset. Great for Japan.

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