Lampe Berger does the Can-Can

Lampe Berger catalog

So I’m a bit slow with the fine print….ever in YOUR service, I found a 2005 calendar in my drawers (God Forbid I EVER throw anything out because I know I’ll need it then….) and, naturally, I found several items I’m going to try to chase down—I’m in a “Shogun” kind of mood. Well, lo and behold—a History of Lampe Berger (I knew I liked these things):

Established in 1898, this Jewel of French heritage, beloved by 20th century style and artistic icons Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau, soon became an interior lifestyle revolution in Parisian and International homes of taste…

Figures. Now you KNOW you Need One. (At Least)

Chantal Thomass' creation for Lampe Berger complete with beauty mark Made for Lampe Berger by Limoges

God, Tell me that Jean Paul doesn’t have one of these–complete with ‘beauty mark’ on his desk. Mon Dieu.

palling around with Gaultier at Tussauds, London

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