Lampe Berger

a Lampe Berger with Eucalyptus oil

Okay, I’ll admit that I didn’t get this bit at first, but then–hey, I started to notice that just about every really exquisite home that I had the pleasure of visiting throughout Europe and the US had one of these babies….different varieties, but voila–tucked discreely in the bedroom, bathroom, blah blah blah, it was on a table.

Now, I’ve seen the prices of some of the Lampe Berger signature selection and I’d want a Genie to pop out for that figure. But, before you think I’ve lost my mind (and I have, but stay with this a little longer)—you can buy a decent and workable glass model for almost nothing.

What does it do? It is not an oil lamp, it is a diffuser. You pour your choice of fragrance into the body of the lamp, you allow the wick to become saturated with the fragrance and within twenty minutes you light it and blow it out. For the rest of the day, a waft of whatever you have chosen disperses throughout the room that you have placed it–or even throughout ROOMS….This baby puts Airwick to shame. It’s elegant and discreet and actually, quite collectible. They have several to choose from whether you want a serious investment in clean air or not, but they truly work and it’s quite a lovely hostess gift as well.

Hostess Gift? I can see we have our work cut out for us. I can dress her up, but I can’t take her out. Trust me on this, buy one for yourself and see. We’ll move on to other topics later.

Ebay has them, but you can google Lampe Berger and find different vendors nationally. I use Maison Bouquet in New Orleans. I think after Katrina I’ll give business to anyone I can in that town. Ships promptly.

I prefer clean scents, Eucalyptus or Scandanavian Mist. Berger also makes a nice neutral scent that can actually counter (and yes, it does work) fried odors like FISH (eeeeeeeek) and litter boxes. Ah, those nasty realities of life.

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