L’Artisan Parfumeur: L’Eté en douce

Yeah, the people that brought you all that FIG Fragrance that was ‘The RAGE’ several years ago….well, they’re b-a-a-a-c-k.
without the Figs.

Artisan Parfumeur Eau de Toilette

It was originally named ‘Extrait de songes’ in 2005, but the name was changed to prevent confusion with a fragrance from Annick Goutal.

I had a dear friend really (REALLY) “into” fragrance–I’ve never truly understood the zeal behind new scents.

Clean and Soapy works just fine for me, but alas.

Often, I’ve seen collecting perfume as a trend for women (aka “gals”) over a certain age, size, etc., who use them as substitutes for wearing the latest fashion (and hence they also collect shoes, scarves and handbags). Not so nice, but often true.

This offering: ‘Gentle Summer’ is a rather inoffensive (yeah, that makes it worth $140) waft of: orange blossom water, green hay, white musk.

“L’Eté en Douce is all about purity and light. It is quiet and soft, the scent of clean white sheets drying in a garden rich with orange blossom and shimmering dewy grass.”

Well, whatever it is is wearable enough.


(I discovered it in high school……when I was a ‘gal’)

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