Libertine at Target Preview Picks

And, of course, yumyumcherry ever at your Humble Service wanted to include a tad of the Target prevue to assist on your gallop through the Target Libertine steeplechase.

As an example, we are including a shot of P/S tops. One is their signature look, one is not, both are P/S. Nothing like a quick open book quiz–Vogue, of course. The tone on tone variety is a dead ringer for a $1600 version I wanted to spring for at Barneys’ New York (had it FIT…..). Yeah, so it’s made Thailand. I can get used to it.

two purple tops from Proenza Schouler for Target

Remember to select the style with care. Don’t do too much or it will bring the rest of whatever your teaming it with down a notch. Many of the goods are filler pieces, some are signature.

It’s easier to cut through the hype if you know what the brand has based as its claim to fame (other than the ripple effect in your checking account, of course).

trio of recent Libertine jackets

In the case of the duo at Libertine, its silk screening and edgy modification of men’s suiting with frayed details and fashion forward crystal embellishments.

YYC’s Faves from the Libertine for Target capsule collection:

Look 3, Bermuda shorts with Bat Silk Screen-$26.99
Look 8, Button Down shirt with Logo Script–$24.99
Look 9, Short Shorts (aka Hot Pants, just not around M. Lagerfeld–not that he shops at Target)
Look 12, Bird silk screen print tank, $12.99
Look 20 (THIS IS THE ONE I WANT) Pink Horse Print Polo $16.99

Wonder if I could wear the Bat shorts to dinner with Christian Bale?

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