Life, Libertine and the Pursuit of Happiness…

Behold, in the never ending quest to bring Fashion’s Best to You:

A smattering of the fare from Libertine’s designers Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene with Chain store: Target.


Libertine for Target scarf
We love the black and white graphic scarf ($16.99)

Libertine for Target red striped jacket and blouse with bow
Red striped jacket with signature lining ($34.99)

Trio of Libertine for Target tanks
Silk Screened ‘bird’ layering tank $16.99 (as seen, their Main Line fare is $225 PLUS)

We weren’t ecstatic about the retro dress in black with Ivory neckline embellishment –the self belt and tailoring made it look, well, cheap. Which it is, but that’s not the point.

The Jackets in general seemed to be the mainstay bet:

Libertine for Target ruffled jacket and Libertine skull jacket from Jeffrey

Back of the ruffled Libertine for Target ruffled jacket and Libertine skull jacket from Jeffrey, NY

Black with black/clear crystals and front cufflink closure and ruffled detailing and
Khaki Cotton with silk screen bird print:

Libertine for Target cotton jacket with silkscreened bird with Libertine jacket from Jeffrey

cotton jackets by Libertine from Jeffrey, NY and Target

They mimic the signature line–in fact we’ve taken the….ahem…..’Liberty’ of shooting them with their Uptown Cousins….both from Jeffrey, New York (OUCH).

Libertine wifebeater vs Libertine for Target T-shirt

Caution: These Target options do all seem to run small. That said, fun way to add a dash of LA chic into your closet without blowing your budget. Use sparingly or contents may explode on visual impact.

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