Ling Chow Salon, Coconut Grove

Ling and a client model their Swarovski jewelled tattoos at her Salon

Bejewelled Swarovski Tattoos without the lifetime commitment. That could be an interesting holiday plan. Just think of all those Kanji characters that are routinely misspelled. I mean, does that 385lb. dude with the goatee and the needles really look like he speaks fluent Chinese? You may want to check out his little box ‘o’ sharps, too…..not that a nice butterfly on your butt isn’t worth that case of Hepatitis C.

A butterfly (in progress) is an option for another client at Lings

Johnny Depp should have waited for a crystal ‘Winona’—of course, he might just prefer being a ‘Wino Forever’ (God knows, it may have it’s merits).

YYC likes this Smiley

The Smiley face works for me. I was told the adornments last for about three weeks. That could be too much happiness, but there is always a brillo pad if worse comes to worse. I dig self surgical procedures.

Come to Ling Chow for a bejewelled Swarovski tattoo!

The ingredients for a Swarovski Crystal tattoo -- Ling Chow Salon

3399 Virginia St Ste 604
Coconut Grove, FL 33133-1914

DO Check out Ling’s recent kudos bestowed upon her salon in her Allure write-up.

Ling is routinely haunted by the cult of well coiffed celebrities and honeyed blond Dade/Miami residents (thanks to Ms. Chow’s skill at finding the right highlights for just about any base colour–including Asian and Hispanic). She did the highlights for Colin Farrell et al when they filmed ‘Miami Vice’ on location. BAD MOVIE–good hair (You will note that as the movie progressed, Mr. Farrell’s locks appeared to become fairer and fairer… would suppose that a lot of touch ups would be required to keep that ‘look’ going—ah, the pain and suffering of being a hair stylist).

With Ling at the Ling Chow Salon, Miami

I’ve personally made that Five Hour pilgrimage from Tampa to Miami personally for over ten years.

As testament to her ability–she doesn’t give the same cut to each client and has an eye for fashion that has cost me thousands (primarily because she advises me which wristwatches I should invest in….and, of course, she’s right).

I love you LING!!!!!! (still looking for my Spring Festival gifts–thank your mom!) YYC

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