Lingerie for Lads?

Okay ‘Boys’….yep, there may be some of you who look better in a bustier than Madonna.

And true, RuPaul wields a wicked make up brush… does BOY GEORGE.

But, still. Save for the exception of some magnificent varieties of same in Thailand, New Orleans off Bourbon Street, and well, where-ever…..Most of the men I see would make really bad looking chicks. Actually, there are a lot of women who also make bad looking chicks….But that said, I’m not certain that I long to see George Clooney in a brassiere.

Brad Pitt raiding Angie’s ‘Lise Charmel’ drawer? (I’m not sure I’d want to see Ellen DeGeneres in Portia’s either….)

Oh Alright, if you are hankering to get in touch with what WISH BOX terms using a measure of poetic license, perhaps ‘your Feminine Side’ they have marketed a very successful range of Man-Bras as well as camisole and shortie sets for “Men.”

Mens lingerie ad

Not Cross-Dressers, of course.

Now, if you want to cross dress, that’s your choice. God knows I’ve worn my share of suits and ties……I’ve stolen boyfriends’ white shirts, tee shirts….and once in a dire situation, a pair of my son’s underwear in Dubai (probably punishable by death—NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT RETURN TO THE EMIRATES).

Not that there is anything wrong with that….well, clothing is clothing…..

I myself would like a ‘Hello Kitty’ Athletic Cup (I can hardly wait).

Still, I’m old enough to remember the ’70’s and bra burning…sort of a ‘women’s liberation’ movement anthem—the right NOT TO WEAR A BRA. Here you guys come and petition for Underwires. Oh, poor Helen Gurley Brown (I warn you fellas, I was detained by SouthWest Airlines once with a score of other women in their clear….ahem…’frisking’ booths at security to determine why the wand blipped when they ran their little plastic wand across my bosom. Heh, Heh …. funny one, huh?

Men's lingerie ad Japan

Well, Charles, good luck explaining that one to your companions when you fly……)

I still recall being in Chanel, Palm Beach with my son who, upon seeing a cross dresser rifling through the Cruise ’04 collection began to sing: ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’….ahem. Well, you can dress ’em up, but you can’t take ’em out. Literally, too.

Anyway. Cheers to the spirit of freedom, unisex dressing, and all that good stuff. I’m off to lock up my laundry now.

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