Loree Rodkin Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus

Loree Rodkin Maltese Cross necklace

Fortunately as the Gods of all things Golden would have it, YYC remained Stateside long enough to partake in the latest of Loree Rodkins’ Rock Legacy Jewelry Trunk Show. Featured at Neiman Marcus, Tampa – 813-877.5700 (ask for Neil in Precious Jewelry). FAB new creations detouring from some of the usual suspects (ie. Buddahs, crosses, fleur de lys, and skulls) we saw an exhibition (well, at least three new cases chock a block stashed with white gold, platinum and yellow gold embellished pendants, earrings, neck chains, and bracelets.

Loree Rodkin sapphire ring

Of Course, in light of Loree’s new price increase…..this stuff should be chosen with some care. Probably the most notable trend was the assortment of oversized rings. Ms. Rodkin has always specialized in this genre, but this year it seems to have jumped the queue. We spied huge oval chalcedony, chrysolite set in elaborate platinum, and yellow gold.

Of note, one rather large yellow gold/silver item (‘OHM’ trademark pendant with heavy Indian influence; the almost ‘Lorraine Schwartz-esque pave yellow gold and diamond stylized cross ($46K and counting……no chain, of course, BYOC), and some slightly Jude Francis inspired (‘tho we’re certain Loree had the idea FIRST…..she’s a Piscean, so she probably channeled it during a meditation) hoop/charm earring combinations.

Loree Rodkin ring, belt buckle and turquoise cross

Her representative, Robin, was a delight and skillfully guided us through the selections. $22K later, well, we retreated—still wanting more—with a yellowgold/pave white diamond laser cut dogtag (think filigree with an EDGE) and a flintstone yellow gold link bracelet with diamond embellished arrowhead.

Still mulling over the ‘OHM’ in platinum with inset diamonds, but I thought it would be nice to save some cash for fish sticks and peanut butter to get me through the rest of the month.

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