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This should be an auction for the three thousand single socks that have escaped from my laundry over the past year, but ALAS. No.

January 29 - February 28
Evangeline Lilly from ABC’s hot series LOST is auctioning off her personally inspired collection of Brazilian made R*Favela Lingerie. The collection includes over 2,000 pieces: bras, panties, teddies, and garters! Each set will come with a signed photo from her as well.

Very cool. Many Kudos to Eric Gazin and Auction Cause for their serious efforts to provide sponsorship for all the charitable platforms available through Ebay!!! stay tuned….more to follow kids……..

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One Response to “LOST???”

  1. LindaE. Says:

    I love reading about the causes u support.
    So refreshing. Keep us all in touch with the latest. I’ll confirm and do my best to notify my clients also.
    I appreciate the community spirit you display.

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