Louboutin: a YYC Essential

these Louboutin T-straps are perfect

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of Louboutin shoes. Instant chic (as spotted on some of the best legs in any town) M. Louboutin has always run his ‘shop’ as he would had he remained at a small storefront in Paris. The quality goes in before the red signature sole goes on.

Other designers use his collections as inspiration (aka They Copy his style and slap their logos upon them). He has now embarked on a handbag line which can be rather tricky to acquire. Just as well, while his ‘advisors’ may suggest that he foray into other territories, some are best left uncharted.

purchased in Dubai - Louboutins lace overlay clutch

I picked up his long lace overlay clutch at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dubai–and while it is an interesting conversation piece, it doesn’t hold it’s own unless you marry it to: SURPRISE–the matching Louboutin Overlay Stillettos:
Louboutin's matching lace overlay clutch and stilletos

Maybe it’s a smart move afterall. I wound up at Louboutin’s shop in Knightsbridge to complete the look. Of course, I found a pair of furry friends—Mohair, yes, Mohair black (also done in burgundy) shoes that I’m sure I’ll need desperately for something. Sometime. Oh well.

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