Marni opens second boutique in China

Long a staple of dressing in Hong Kong (and let’s not even discuss Isetan’s shine to designer, Consuela, in Tokyo)–MARNI has forged ahead to cut the ribbon on yet ANOTHER Chinese Boutique. After Beijing (which I personally can’t relate to as a shopping destination, but hey–I was at the Friendship Store around the corner from the St. Regis bartering for handpainted snuff bottles) the design house has opened in Shanghai. Personally, I think that there may be some contractual requirements that we are not privy to in this scheme as often companies are forced to yield to the governmental requirements of exactly when and how many Boutiques are ALLOWED (ie. REQUIRED) and where in order to set up shop. Shanghai is certainly being groomed to replace Hong Kong as the new mercantile Mecca of the country.

That said, after eating knock off Dannon Yoghurt, tasting dust in the streets and watching the construction performed using bamboo platforms all around me, I’ll save my cash for Joyce and still book Kowloon.

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